Customer Journey 3.0: Limits and solutions

Ever thought about how many steps are needed to get a customer in today's B2B world? Is there a special number of times …

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6 min read
18.10.2023 20:42:08

Personalisation at scale: 7 Tips for the first cold email

Sending over 100K personalised cold emails in bulk throughout 2023, both for our clients and ourselves, opened our eyes …

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9 min read
05.10.2023 03:00:00

3 Reasons Why B2B Marketing Falls Short (and How to Fix It)

Over the last 10 years, major developments in B2B marketing have redefined the field. On one hand, the proliferation of …

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09.08.2023 20:25:49

AI is changing the game in B2B lead generation

Today, most companies are able to generate leads. Be it through webinars, white papers, benchmarks, or free audits and a …

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12.07.2023 21:36:41