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How to Master Benchmark for B2B Lead Generation

February 2024 - About the importance of benchmarks and how to leverage them to fill your funnel.

Filling Your 2024 Pipeline in Uncertain Times

January 2024 - See practical AI use cases to fill your 2024 pipeline. Enhance your strategies for 2024 and beyond..

AI-based Lead Generation for 2024

December 2023 - Our experts present their best practices, use cases and favourite tools to tackle AI-based lead generation in 2024.

Turn Strangers into Cusomers

November 2023: We present our 5 steps that you can use to consistently fill your pipeline. 

Lead Automation: 5-Step Framework

October 2023: (In German) Learn how to build a lead automation machine that fills your pipeline on autopilot.

From Clicks to Customers

March 2023: (In German) Wondering why your leads aren't buying? Learn from our experts how to better utilise your resources and deal with long sales cycles.

Marketing Automation Report 2023

March 2023: (In German) Together with the ZHAW and a research team, we are presenting the results of the Marketing Automation Report 2023.

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