About us

Like you, we get 10 spammy sales emails per day that all look the same. Like you, we love leveraging technology to make our lives easier. Like you, we love a great piece of content that helps us grow personally and professionally. 

Meet the team.

Marc Gasser

Founder - Revenue Operations

Marc wrote the book on Marketing Automation For B2B Companies. He is the publisher of the Marketing Automation Report 2021-2024. He is also an Innosuisse expert and lecturer on Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence in B2B at the ZHAW. He loves paragliding as for entrepreneurship, it's about taking calculated risks and adapting yourself to an ever-changing environment.

To connect with Marc on social media, mention either: "Stomach-bread" (favorite dessert) or "MacGyver" (favorite TV serie)

Valentin Binnendijk

Founder - Product

Valentin is the co-founder of several companies like STARTUPS.CH and TrekkSoft. He is an expert on B2B Saas products and startups. He is the co-host of the B2B Marketing Automators Podcast. Valentin is interested in entrepreneurship, startups, digital products, tech gadgets and a good lifestyle. He loves going on gourmet adventures with his gravel bike.

To connect with Valentin on social media, mention either: "Champaign" (favorite dessert) or "The West Wing" (favorite TV serie) 

Ivan Adutskevich

Development Lead

Ivan has been building bridges between business and IT for the last 20 years or so. He has held several positions in the IT industry over the years: Executive, Project Lead, Key Developer. Ivan has a strong sense of self-organization and is able to stay focussed in dynamic environments. He is married and has 2 children.

To connect with Ivan on social media, mention either: "Cannoli" (favorite dessert) or "Person of Interest" (favorite TV serie of the moment)

Nico Orfanos

Senior Developer

Born and raised with a keen interest in technology, Nico has significantly contributed to the development of major German e-commerce platforms. His technical expertise extends to maintaining an open-source Elasticsearch PHP library. In his personal life, Nico is married and has two children, along with two cats and a dog.

To connect with Nico on social media, mention either “Galaktoboureko” (favorite dessert) or “Dark” (current favorite TV series).

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