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automation von marketing und sales für b2b Unternehmer
Developed from over 100 B2B digitization projects

Create trust

Most contacts are not ready to buy, but do their research online first and want to find out more. Accordingly, it is important that companies regularly provide relevant content to build trust.


Increase awareness

High-quality content helps you to gain more awareness in the long term. Your content can convince not only interested parties, but also search engines.

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Position your company

The repetitive content creation and distribution can be automated and leads to a company being top-of-mind with the target group when the readiness to buy is right.


Identify readiness to buy

Artificial intelligence helps to recognize the behavior of leads so that they are then automatically guided along the customer journey towards a consultation through tailored content.

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Laura Mäder
Founder & CEO of The StoryDNA
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