We create the right AI database and build marketing & sales automation engines

With AI and 50+ data providers, we find your top customers and bring your message directly to them. We integrate a customised engine into your existing marketing environment so your team can take over seamlessly. You gain time for the big deals while we get your sales up to speed.

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Our unique perspective on how to win B2B customers

B2B cold acquisition no longer works

In order not to miss out on sales opportunities, presence among the target group is crucial. However, cold calling and cold mailing are not effective due to the high scatter loss.

Our software finds the leads that are ready to buy and builds trust with your target audience - through AI-supported benchmarking & industry insights. Your sales team becomes more efficient and focussed



How we boosted lead engagement to 80% with Smartlead

Discover a smart way to target and identify prospects at scale with an industry benchmark study, especially if you'd like to ...

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Meet Cotide: Sales Automation Software


Generate new leads and reactivate existing contacts. Optimise messages and landing pages through A/B testing and increase attention through hyper-personalisation.


Invite your contacts to take part in a benchmark survey and provide relevant content. This encourages engagement, keeps the leads warm and your company top of mind.


Analyse responses and the behaviour of your leads on an ongoing basis. Synchronise only the top scored, qualified leads and relevant intent signals with your CRM.

“Gain and reactivate leads through personalised communication & industry insights.”
Marc Müller
“Stay memorable: constant customer interaction and higher sales opportunities.”
Valentin Binnendijk
Founder & CPO
“Accelerate business growth: Recognise the right timing and leads ready to buy.”
Marc Gasser
Founder & CRO

How it works

Use AI & Automation for lead generation, prospecting, lead nurturing and lead scoring: including relationship management with relevant content to build trust. Your sales team only manually takes care of contacts who are ready to buy.

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