How to keep the conversation going (to identify buying intent)

4 min read
04.01.2024 04:00:00

In the dynamic realm of B2B marketing, the art of sustaining conversations and pinpointing the perfect timing for sales is crucial. The second episode of our insightful podcast series dives into these aspects, offering valuable strategies for engaging prospects effectively. Here's an overview.

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This episode features hosts Marc and Valentin discussing strategies to maintain interaction in B2B marketing and the art of timing sales pitches. They stress the importance of building authority and being consistently present in the prospect's mind. The discussion also covers how to identify pivotal moments in the sales cycle, with practical examples like benchmark reports and introductions to key contacts. They advocate for automating intent questions to focus on leads ready to purchase. Trust generation and value provision emerge as essential components in this conversation.


  • Building authority and remaining top of mind are vital in ongoing prospect conversations.
  • Recognizing crucial moments in the sales cycle is key to understanding when a prospect is ready to make a purchase.
  • Strategies like benchmark reports, making introductions, and offering valuable content are effective.
  • Automating intent questions can streamline the sales process and prioritize ready-to-buy leads.
  • Creating trust and delivering value are fundamental in maintaining dialogue.
  • Credibility can be boosted through external trust factors like partnerships.
  • Upcoming topic: Lead qualification and scoring.


  • 00:00 Introduction: Sustaining the Conversation
  • 01:24 Building Authority and Staying Top of Mind
  • 02:17 Identifying Key Moments in the Sales Cycle
  • 03:44 Effective Strategies and Examples
  • 08:42 Automating Intent Questions
  • 09:36 Generating Trust and Providing Value
  • 10:30 Establishing Trust through External Factors
  • 10:57 Next Steps: Lead Qualification and Scoring


Key Insights


The episode begins with a recap of initiating conversations and finding the perfect pitch. The main focus is on how to sustain these interactions, aiming for 12–24 touches a year without seeming spammy. This involves building authority through thought leadership and staying top of mind to check the buying readiness of prospects.

Sustaining Interaction and Assessing Prospect's Readiness

Marc highlights the need for a mutual advantage focus, understanding buyer intent, and maintaining a continuous, meaningful dialogue. He emphasizes that prospects might not be ready to buy and the importance of identifying key moments in the sales cycle. This includes using targeted questions to discern buying readiness and maintaining ongoing conversations.

Engaging and Assessing Strategies

Valentin shares various tactics to engage prospects throughout the year, like emails, benchmark reports, and invitations to events. Other strategies include offering free samples, directing prospects to helpful vendors, and fostering discussions on platforms like LinkedIn. Establishing thought leadership through industry events and webinars is also discussed, along with creating business frameworks and writing books for trust building.

Effective Selling as a Consultant

The hosts discuss automating conversations until intent is clear, avoiding premature engagement with costly sales resources, and building a qualified pipeline.


The episode wraps up with a summary of key strategies, emphasizing the importance of understanding the target audience's interests and adding value to their main topics. Building trust through books, partnerships, and other means is also highlighted. The upcoming episode will delve into lead qualification and scoring.

Wrapping Up

This episode provides a comprehensive guide for professionals in B2B marketing, focusing on how to keep conversations with prospects productive and timely. By understanding and implementing these strategies, businesses can enhance their engagement with potential buyers and efficiently identify those ready to make a purchase. Stay tuned for the next episode, where we will explore lead qualification and scoring in depth.