Cotide automates the sales process from prospecting to lead qualification

The software continuously identifies the most promising 1-3% of your contacts so that your sales team can focus on the most important leads.

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Unlocking the full potential of automation and AI doesn't have to be complex. There's a unique opportunity for those who are ready to make a move, without needing to dive deep into the tech. Let us help you create a system that sets you apart, effortlessly.

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Fill Your Sales Pipeline Automatically

Discover a smart way to identify and engage the right prospects with an industry study, especially if you want to....

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How It Works

We build a lead generation engine that fuels your sales pipeline with qualified leads, repeatedly and consistently.


Start conversations at scale

Our technology seamlessly identifies thousands of contacts from your target group, to whom it sends personalised emails to invite them to participate in the industry study we've built for you.


Identify warm prospects

Our software let you see which prospects are in the most advanced stages of the buyer journey, based on their engagement with the industry study.


Nurture contacts over 12 months 

Our nurturing engine uses each phase of the industry study to communicate with your target group, share insights from the study, and score leads based on their interaction.

Short-Term Gains

What you get after our onboarding process and the first outreach:

Detailed 5k Lead list

Our technology provides a curated lead list of 5-10k leads, including rich data.

Sales-qualified Leads

Our software identifies sales-qualified leads based on engagement with the study.

Benchmark Data

Our system let you share graphs in 1 click to capitalize on your industry study data early on.

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Long-Term Benefits

What you get by capitalizing on your industry study throughout the year with our 12-month campaign:

Sales Pipeline System

Our 12-month campaign engages your leads repeatedly and score intent continuously.

Streamlined Sales Process

Simplify and optimize your sales operations by integrating our technology with your CRM.

Trust & Relationships

Share study data throughout the year to build relationships and trust with your target audience.

Key Features

Get your lead generation engine that automatically finds, engages, and qualifies ideal customers throughout the year.

Leads from your target group get sourced

Our technology includes an extensive lead research and enrichment process that researches, validates and enriches thousands of leads with more than 50 sources.


Personalised emails get sent at scale

Our automated and optimised email outbound workflows start the conversation with ideal customers and invite them to participate to your industry study.


New Leads

Usually, we source between 5k and 10k fresh new leads for your company.




We use 50+ sources to research and enrich your leads.


Click Through Rate

We use A/B testing and AI-led hyper-personalisation to engage your leads.

Prospects get activated with value

Your leads get valuable insights and practical tips from your industry study, helping them in their buying journey and positioning your company as the go-to expert.


Warm prospects get listed in dashboard

Our dashboard helps you determine leads on the verge of taking action and considering a purchase based on their engagement with the industry study.


Engagement Rate

With live benchmark and AI-driven personalised recommendations, you'll see 10x higher conversions than with traditional sales methods.


Ready to Buy

Our continuous lead scoring tracks and summarise each interaction from your leads, allowing your Sales team to focus on the right prospects. 

Let's talk about what this could look like for your company.

Feature Overview

Inside the Solution


12-Month Roadmap Example

Month 1

We get you started with two onboarding workshops of 90-min each to gather your insights. We design your industry study and source your leads.


Months 2-5

The focus lies on survey data collection, optimisation of email campaigns, promotion of study through LinkedIn and webinars.


Months 6-7

Use the study data to create and publish an industry report with visually stunning infographics and engaging written content. Endless possibilities for repurposing.


Months 8-10

Distribute learnings and insights from the report, participants' interviews,  organise events, publish industry benchmark


Months 11-12

Engage your prospects in the preparation of the second edition of your survey by asking them their current priorities and challenges. 


Don't Just Take our Word For It

Read what our customers say about us.

"With Cotide, we found a way to engage with a large volume of B2B companies. We can now proactively share our expertise, knowledge, position ourselves, and lay the foundation for future business relationships."
Reto Baumgartner
CEO & Founder MySign
"The collaboration with Cotide was highly professional at all times and was also a lot of fun. I can also recommend Cotide to other companies that are looking for innovative ways in B2B marketing."
eberhardt weber
Eberhardt Weber
Founder & CEO, Emporix
"Through Cotide, we were able to effectively share our industry expertise and make important business contacts. A valuable solution for any B2B company looking to expand their reach. Cotide's approach to customer care is unique."
reto gurini
Reto Gurini
CEO, Sparring24

Your Alternatives

Right now, you either can't wait to talk to us, or you're wondering what the alternatives are.

Doing It Yourselves

In our podcast and blog, we've laid out the roadmap for building your own lead generation engine through industry surveys. We share our process and the tools that have worked for us, offering you the blueprint to follow. It's in your hands to bring together the right mix of talents needed to launch and manage the campaign, coordinating all the moving parts both inside and outside your organization.

Hiring Another Salesperson

While adding another sales representative might appear to be a straightforward way to boost your lead generation efforts, it's important to weigh the potential uncertainties. Unlike this unpredictable approach, our solution not only guarantees an insightful report but also provides your current sales team with the precise tools they need. This enables them to focus their efforts more efficiently on the right leads, rather than relying on guesswork, thereby enhancing their effectiveness and productivity.

Spending More in Ads

It might be tempting to just allocate more budget towards advertising in hopes of attracting more leads. We've seen firsthand how challenging this can be, investing $20k in ad campaigns that didn't lead to the expected revenue boost. The landscape of digital advertising is evolving, with audiences becoming more adept at tuning out ads and the algorithms constantly changing. It's a route that can consume your budget quickly without the assurance of tangible returns.

Doing Nothing

Doing nothing and maintaining your current course is also an option, just not a proactive one. It might feel safe to avoid making new decisions or investments, but the market and your competitors won't wait for you. While it may seem like you're avoiding risk, the reality is that inaction can lead to missed opportunities and potential loss of market share. Embracing change and seeking innovative solutions is key to staying competitive and securing a stronger position in your industry.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

Seems like a lot of work. How much support is included?

Our technology does the heavy lifting for you. What we need from you is inputs and review. We start the collaboration with two 90-min workshops to build your lead generation engine, including the study survey. Then we switch to a bi-weekly touchpoint of 30-min to review and optimize. Book a personalised demo so we can show you how the whole process would look like for you.

For which types of companies is this for?

Our solution is built for B2B companies that sell premium products and services with long buying cycles. Companies with transactional products and services are less suitable.

What do you offer that services like SurveyMonkey don't?

Our software is built for lead generation and nurturing. From the finding and scraping of leads data to building an outbound engine, and identifying ready-to-buy contacts, everything is made to create long-term relationships with your prospects. By providing unique value like personalised and actionable insights to survey respondents, you build up trust and authority. Our nurturing workflows allow you to engage with your prospects all-year round in a respectful and insightful manner.

Services like SurveyMonkey focus on the one-off polling of your existing customers to extract as much data as possible for your specific needs.

How much does it cost?

Our solution is not a short-term lead-generating hack. Our solution focuses on long-term relationship building for companies with products & services with long buying cycles. Check out our pricing page

Is the survey scientifically relevant?

We focus on generating ready-to-buy leads, not a comprehensive marketing and scientific study.

How do I convert a qualified lead into a customer?

The hot lead dashboard reveals which contacts are in the most advanced stages of the buying cycle.  When the timing is right and when you know everything they answered in the survey, it's easy to get people on a call. All you need to do is ask. We provide a script that you can adapt to your needs.

Is this solution for product feedback?

No. Our survey solution is built for generating ready-to-buy leads, not for getting product feedback.

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