Why Be a Follower When You Can Lead with Insight?

From the moment of discovery to the final handshake, our AI-powered Lead Automation system is the silent partner you've always needed.
The Power of Questions

Transform Surveys into Strategic Opportunities

Engage Prospects at Scale

Provide value with real-time benchmarks that offer unique AI-powered feedbacks.

Identify the Right Timing

Move the conversation into a sales pitch when the timing is right.

Strenghten your Positioning

Collect industry data, share your insights, and become the go-to thought leader in your field.

How It Works

We developed a lead automation machine that finds, engaged, and qualify ideal customers.

Start Conversations

Starting conversations with potential clients is crucial for sales success. By sending personalized and relevant emails, you can build relationships, establish trust, and create long-term customer connections.


Engage Your Leads

Prioritize understanding your leads' needs and challenges before asking for anything. Serving your leads instead of solely focusing on your objectives creates a positive impression for a lasting, fruitful relationship.



Powered by email inbox rotation, email warmup, and spam checks.


Open Rate

Powered by A/B testing combined with AI-led hyper-personalisation.


Click Through Rate

Powered by generative AI-based icebreakers and openers.

Provide Value

Value can come in many forms. Offer them valuable insights, practical tips, or even free resources that can help them in their journey on the result page of your benchmark.


Give Personal Recommendations at Scale

Provide personalized solutions and valuable insights tailored to each prospect's specific needs and desires.


Identify the Right Timing

Identify prospects actively seeking a solution. Our dashboard helps you determine leads on the verge of taking action and considering a purchase.


Completion Rate

Powered by live benchmark and AI-driven personalise recommendations


Ready to Buy

Powered by intent questions throughout the survey and ongoing nurturing.

Extend your Reach

The extensive lead research process included in the onboarding combined with our ability to send and deliver personalised email campaigns at scale allow you to increase your reach massively and sustainably


Gain Visibility

Your survey and report enhance visibility and establish you as a thought leader. Share your expertise and reach your target audience on platforms like LinkedIn.

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Publish Your Report

Publish a report using your survey's captivating content to demonstrate industry expertise, establish your company as a reliable source, and gain recognition as a trusted authority in your field.

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New Leads

Powered by 50+ sources to research and enrich each lead.




The survey generates more than 25 graphics you can use for social media posts.


Media Inquiries

The report generates interests in forms of invitations to speak at conferences, in podcast and webinars.


Don't just take our word for it

Read what our customers say about us.

"With Cotide, we found a way to engage with a large volume of B2B companies. We can now proactively share our expertise, knowledge, position ourselves, and lay the foundation for future business relationships."
Reto Baumgartner
CEO & Founder MySign
"Marc and Valentin helped us grow with best practices and an effective execution plan. The collaboration with them had a ROI in less than 2 months! The biggest impacts were on increasing our team productivity and sales pipeline."
Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 21.36.49
Adrian Kyburz
Head of Revenue, Xorlab
"Valentin and Marc shared with us some great best practices and a compelling implementation framework. Combining their expertise with in-house execution power really allows for faster and better scaling."
Benoit Henry
CEO, Certifaction

Annual Roadmap Example

Month 1

We get you started with two onboarding workshops of 90-min each to gather your insights. We design your industry survey and source your leads.


Months 2-5

The focus lies on survey data collection, optimisation of email campaigns, promotion of survey through LinkedIn and webinars.


Months 6-7

Use survey data to create and publish an industry report with visually stunning infographics and engaging written content. Endless possibilities for repurposing.


Months 8-10

Distribute learnings and insights from the report, participants' interviews,  organise events, publish business canvas.


Months 11-12

Engage your prospects in the preparation of the second edition of your survey by asking them their current priorities and challenges. 



Inside the Solution

A Full-Spectrum, AI-Powered Lead Generation Suite

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers.

How much service is included?

We support you all along. We take you through two workshops to define your target group, find a relevant survey topic, and design the questions. We help you build your target contact list and promote your survey with emails and on LinkedIn. We optimise everything as the survey collects more data to increase engagement and completion rate.

Is this solution suitable for high end-products?

Yes. We serve B2B companies that sell premium products and services with long buying cycles.

How do I convert a qualified lead into a customer?

The survey dashboard reveals which contacts are ready-to-buy. This means they are already looking around or will start soon. When the timing is right, it's easy to get people on a call. All you need to do is ask. We provide a script that you can adapt to your needs.

What do you offer that services like SurveyMonkey don't?

Our software is built for lead generation and nurturing. From the first outreach sequence to the survey findings, everything is made to create long-term relationships with your prospects. By providing unique value like personalised and actionable insights to survey respondents, you build up trust and authority. Our nurturing workflows allow you to engage with your prospects all-year round in a respectful and insightful manner.

Services like SurveyMonkey focus on the one-off polling of your existing customers to extract as much data as possible for your specific needs.

How much does it cost?

Our solution is not a short-term lead-generating hack. Our solution focuses on long-term relationship building for companies with products & services with long buying cycles. Check out our pricing page

Are the survey scientifically relevant?

We focus on generating ready-to-buy leads, not a comprehensive marketing and scientific study.

Is this solution for product feedback?

No. Our survey solution is built for generating ready-to-buy leads, not for getting product feedback.

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