Connect with businesses that are ready to buy

Connect, engage, and grow with the top AI sales agent. Join us and meet Cotide, your new best friend, in finding the top 1-3% of potential customers. Let your B2B team focus on the hottest leads with unique intent signals.

Our unique perspective on how to win B2B customers

B2B cold acquisition no longer works

In order not to miss out on sales opportunities, presence among the target group is crucial. However, cold calling and cold mailing are not effective due to the high scatter loss.

Our software finds the leads that are ready to buy and builds trust with your target audience - through AI-supported benchmarking & industry insights. Your sales team becomes more efficient and focussed


Die richtige Sales-Taktik

Limited resources, chaotic approach, high scatter loss

A healthy sales pipeline is the lifeblood of any sales organisation - and the entire company.

Are you too busy with planning, unqualified leads and campaigns instead of focussing on the most important potential customers?

Advanced sales teams, using AI and automation to drive business forward

Lack of the right sales people requires automation & artificial intelligence (AI). Don't let the competition, which is already automated and more efficient, take the lead.

Inefficient and aggressive sales activities waste your time and burn leads

Sales teams that focus on the wrong leads and fight against a mountain of tasks are overloaded and dissatisfied. Their energy is wasted instead of focussing on the essentials.


Constant presence with your target group is crucial

Cold calling and mailings are ineffective due to high wastage. To identify relevant contacts and recognise the right timing, you need to be constantly top-of-mind with your target group.

Alternatives for solving these sales problems

Inside Sales More resources

Sales professionals are efficient when they know exactly which leads are ready to buy and need to be contacted.

Trade fairs More events

Trade fairs, conferences and events are time-consuming, expensive and dependent on the right follow-up strategies.

Cold outreach More campaigns

Cold emails and cold calling burn up leads and provide no added value - they annoy 97-99% of the target group due to high wastage.

New strategies for automating the sales pipeline

Use AI & Automation for lead generation, prospecting, lead nurturing and lead scoring: including relationship management with relevant content to build trust. Your sales team only manually takes care of contacts who are ready to buy.

6-month program: automate your sales process

Meet Cotide: Expert-led program including Sales Automation Software (CRM integration)

In our 6-month programme, we support you with professional onboarding and the right add-on for your CRM. You automate your sales process from prospecting to the identification of qualified leads.

Synchronise relevant leads with HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce or your CRM - the familiar environment of your sales team - and maximise your chances of significant growth.



Generate new leads and reactivate existing contacts. Optimise messages and landing pages through A/B testing and increase attention through hyper-personalisation.


Invite your contacts to take part in a benchmark survey and provide relevant content. This encourages engagement, keeps the leads warm and your company top of mind.


Analyse responses and the behaviour of your leads on an ongoing basis. Synchronise only the top scored, qualified leads and relevant intent signals with your CRM.

“Gain and reactivate leads through personalised communication & industry insights.”
Marc Müller
“Stay memorable: constant customer interaction and higher sales opportunities.”
Valentin Binnendijk
Founder & CPO
“Accelerate business growth: Recognise the right timing and leads ready to buy.”
Marc Gasser
Founder & CRO

Click rate

With prospecting, we achieve a click rate of 80 % of the personalised emails sent.


Total active leads

Across all customers, we reach over 110k B2B leads who are active on the landing pages more than once.


Scored leads

Only the best, ready-to-buy leads - we call them "virtual hand raisers" - end up on the sales team's priority list in the CRM.

Program overview

Immerse yourself in proven strategies and the art of converting unknown contacts into new, ready-to-buy customers - the foundations for a functioning buyer journey.

The 6-month programme uses Cotide software to automate the prospecting, lead generation and sustainable nurturing of your leads.

The platform identifies the top 1-3% of your leads, stores them in your CRM with all relevant details and allows your sales team to focus on the most promising contacts.

Programm Workshop Cotide

Contact & market data

  • Positioning workshops: In two 90 min workshops, we define the target group and benchmark topics.
  • Survey design: Develop and test effective topics to maximise the engagement of your target group.
  • Data collection: Automate and personalise survey distribution for maximum engagement.
AI Categorisation
A/B Test

Unique industry content

  • Data analysis and report creation: Analysing the collected data and creating the industry report.
  • Testimonials: Collect and integrate testimonials to increase authenticity.
  • Launch event and report distribution: Conduct a launch event followed by report distribution to maximise visibility and engagement.
Content & Charts
AI Recommendations
LinkedIn & Webinar blueprints

Compete against the best

  • Access to benchmark data: Provide exclusive access to benchmark data, for comparisons with industry leaders and recommended actions.
  • Lead prioritisation: Identify the important leads based on their interactions.
  • CRM integration: Save the ready-to-buy contacts, lead score and activities in your CRM.
CRM Integration
Lead Scoring
Lead Status & Lifecycle Stages

Demo: The buyers' journey of potential customers

What our customers say

“Cotide has made a decisive contribution to externalising United Security Providers' internal expertise and enriching CRM data. The ability to not only reach our target group, but also to maintain a valuable dialogue on an ongoing basis, has significantly strengthened our market presence.”
Yves-Alain Gueggi
CEO, United Security Providers
“The collaboration with Marc and Valentin was highly professional at all times and was also a lot of fun. I can also recommend Cotide to other companies that are looking for innovative ways in B2B marketing.”
Eberhardt Weber
Founder & CEO, Emporix
“With Cotide, we have found a way to get in touch with a large number of B2B companies. We can now proactively share our expertise and knowledge, position ourselves and lay the foundations for future business relationships.”
Reto Baumgartner
CEO, MySign
“Marc Gasser regularly works for us and our clients. He shows them how to identify bottlenecks in the buyer journey, effectively build a qualified pipeline and recognise buying signals. His clear strategies and hands-on workshops have already helped many of our clients.”
Lutz Thalmann
Managing Director, Axel Springer Corporate Solutions
“Thanks to Cotide and their product for effective lead scoring and contact management, we have significantly improved our sales pipeline. Cotide is an excellent support for our sales department, full of enthusiasm and efficiency.”
Torsten Sabel
COO, BlueReport (Cognita)
“Cotide has provided us with some great best practices and a compelling implementation framework. The combination of their expertise with internal implementation strength allows for faster and better scaling.”
Benoît Henry
CEO, Certifaction
“Cotide helped us grow with best practices and an effective execution plan. Working with them had an ROI in less than 2 months! The biggest impact was the increase in productivity of our team and sales pipeline.”
Adrian Kyburz
Head of Revenue, Xorlab

Limited time offer

Qualified leads in 3 steps

Book a discovery call

Book a 30-minute appointment and find out how sales automation can be applied to your company.

  • Positioning: Target group & benchmark topics
  • Lead research: Existing and new leads
  • Proven strategies for your sales pipeline

Fill in the quiz

So that we can make good use of your valuable time and our meeting has the greatest possible added value for you, you will receive a short questionnaire by e-mail immediately after booking your appointment. This helps us to prepare an efficient meeting.

Receive implementation plan

After our appointment, you will receive a practical implementation plan that you can tackle with or without us.

  • Phase 1: Prospecting and data collection
  • Phase 2: Analysis and distribution of industry report
  • Phase 3: Benchmark, sales operations and CRM

Successfully identify qualified leads

You will receive qualified leads after just a few weeks.

However, to ensure that your contacts are fully nurtured and that your company is top of mind, we consider an investment of 6 months to be realistic.

Live software demo: find out how the efficiency of your sales team can be increased:

Valentin Binnendijk
Founder & CPO
Marc Gasser
Founder & CRO

Our customers who promote sustainable business growth and invest in relationships:

Frequently asked questions

Who is the program suitable for?

This offer has been specially developed for sales in B2B Software & Services. For entrepreneurs, CEOs and sales experts with a sales team.

This path requires a willingness to learn and direct communication at eye level. We assume that you act on your responsibility and do not accept excuses. This offer is not for companies looking for a coach who promises 10–15 leads per day quickly or who only imparts theoretical knowledge without practical applicability.

How much does it cost?

Our solution is not a short-term lead generation hack. Our solution focuses on building long-term relationships for companies with products and services with long buying cycles. Have a look at our prices.

Are you an agency?

No, we only focus on the software and the blueprint. We take care of the automation, set up proven email sequences and find the best leads so you can focus on the 1-3% ready-to-buy contacts.

How much service is included?

We conduct 2 workshops with you to define your target group, find a relevant survey topic and design the questions. We build your outbound machine and optimise it twice a month to increase engagement and close rates.

Is this solution suitable for high-end products?
Yes, we serve B2B companies that sell high-quality products and services with long purchase cycles.
How can I convert a qualified lead into a customer?

In the dashboard, you can see which contacts are ready to buy. This means that they are already looking or will soon start looking. When the timing is right, it's easy to get people to talk to you. All you have to do is ask. We provide you with a script that you can customise to suit your needs.

Who is the solution not suitable for?

We focus on generating ready-to-buy leads, not on capturing a comprehensive marketing and scientific study or for product feedback and product-market fit.


All functions and benefits, the results

Start valuable conversations

Automate the initial contact and qualify leads with hyper-personalised, valuable content.

Prioritise contacts who are ready to buy

Identify the most promising contacts by evaluating survey responses and behaviour.

Increase sales efficiency

Automate your sales process from prospecting to lead qualification with the help of AI & automation.

Two professional onboarding workshops

Interactive 90' workshops aimed at understanding your target audience and developing a working story for your industry report.

Bi-weekly check-in & optimisation

We plan a 1:1 meeting every fortnight to assess the planned activities and make optimisations.

Individual checklist and implementation plan

A checklist created especially for you, with clear steps to sales success, data-based insights and market dynamics. You will receive your personalised implementation plan.

Enriched and validated contact lists

Your existing CRM contacts and new leads are researched, enriched and validated. The result is the perfect, merged lead list.

Get lookalikes, similar to your best customers

Leads that are similar to your customers, followers and subscribers are also enriched, validated and consolidated with your existing contacts.

Messaging A/B tests for benchmark positioning

We test many variants to find out which topics and benchmarks resonate best with your target group.

Building your outbound engine

Get a scalable email infrastructure with sequences and CRM integration to optimise your sales process. Including support for the setup.

AI categorisation and follow-up automation

Categorise all responses from out-of-office pauses to information that is individually requested using AI. Automate your follow-ups and communicate in a hyper-personalised way.

LinkedIn & webinar engagement strategies

Strategies and tips for using LinkedIn and webinars to increase your visibility and consolidate your position as an opinion leader.

Analytics & reporting

Detailed feedback on performance to refine strategies and improve future sales efforts.

Working CRM funnel metrics

View the conversion rates from lead to MQL, SQL and deals won in HubSpot or your CRM.

Free, signed book

As a participant, you will receive the signed book "Marketing & Sales Automation für B2B Unternehmer" (Springer Gabler 2022) free of charge.

Industry report with sector insights

A detailed report that positions your company as an authority and provides valuable industry insights.

Unified master email inbox

The master inbox, which manages all your email accounts in a central dashboard and provides a 360-degree view of all your customers' messages.

HubSpot integration

Integrated into HubSpot Sales CRM for efficient processing of qualified leads. Find the leads with the highest score and their activities directly in the sales list.

Salesforce integration

Integrated into Salesforce for efficient processing of qualified leads. Integration via Zapier.


Pipedrive integration

Integrated into Pipedrive for efficient processing of qualified leads. Integration via Zapier.


Zapier integration

Integrated with Zapier for efficient processing of qualified leads and integration with thousands of other apps.

Case Studies

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Positioning Zero Trust as a top topic in the cybersecurity industry
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