A more efficient sales process through AI

In 45 minutes you will learn how to identify new customers and refresh existing relationships: Recognise the crucial 1-3% of your contacts and learn how to nurture the rest automatically with valuable insights to stay top-of-mind.

Pipeline workshop for B2B entrepreneurs

Our bestseller, now as an exclusive online workshop

An interactive workshop on proven sales strategies, the latest findings from the Marketing Automation Report (n = 385) and AI innovations.

The workshop is designed for business leaders who want to strategically utilize the benefits of automation and AI without getting lost in the complexity of the technology.

Find out how you can automatically find suitable customers and guide them on their path to purchase. The most promising leads are filtered out so that your sales team can focus on the most important prospects.

Start valuable conversations

Automate the first contact and qualify leads through hyper-personalized, valuable conversations.

Prioritize ready-to-buy leads

Identify the most promising contacts by evaluating current data, responses and behavior.

Increase sales efficiency

Qualify non-ready-to-buy leads through increasingly precise, automated engagement with your industry knowledge.

Learn how to build a system that increases your sales and marketing results and gives you a competitive advantage through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Why you should attend:

How it works

We'll help you create your Sales Automation plan and continuously feed the sales pipeline with qualified leads. Sign up for a workshop and complete the growth quiz to find out what's possible for your B2B business:


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45-minute online workshop

Workshop Agenda

Dive into proven strategies and the art of converting unknown contacts into new, ready-to-buy customers. The basics for a functioning buyer journey:

You can find out more about the individual aspects of sales automation in our podcast and in our content hub.

What do our customers say?

“With Cotide, we found a way to engage with a large volume of B2B companies. We can now proactively share our expertise, knowledge, position ourselves, and lay the foundation for future business relationships.”
Reto Baumgartner
CEO, MySign
"The collaboration with Marc and Valentin was highly professional at all times and was also a lot of fun. I can also recommend Cotide to other companies that are looking for innovative ways in B2B marketing."
eberhardt weber
Eberhardt Weber
Founder & CEO, Emporix
"Marc & Valentin have provided us with some great best practices and a compelling implementation framework. The combination of their expertise with internal implementation strength allows for faster and better scaling."
Benoit Henry
CEO, Certifaction
"Marc & Valentin helped us grow with best practices and an effective execution plan. Working with them had an ROI in less than 2 months! The biggest impact was the increase in productivity of our team and sales pipeline."
Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 21.36.49
Adrian Kyburz
Head of Revenue, Xorlab
“Through Cotide, we were able to effectively share our industry expertise and make important business contacts. A valuable solution for any B2B company looking to expand their reach. Cotide's approach to customer care is unique."
Reto Gurini
CEO, Sparring24

Companies that promote sustainable business growth and invest in relationship building through Sales Automation.


Personal follow-up

Once you have digested the insights covered in the workshop, we will schedule a 1:1 meeting to assess the planned activities.

Signed books

You will receive two books. Marc's book on Marketing & Sales Automation and Virginie's WSJ bestseller on LinkedIn strategies.

Checklist & individual implementation plan

After the workshop, you get a checklist and your personalised implementation plan.

Choose an online workshop session

Places are limited.


Marc Gasser

Founder & CEO, author of Sales & Marketing Automation for B2B Entrepreneurs (2022 Springer Gabler), publisher of Marketing Automation Report

Hi, I'm Marc Gasser - B2B software entrepreneur, lecturer and Innosuisse expert for Sales & Marketing Automation in B2B.

With my M.Sc. in Business Informatics, I am dedicated to the mission of combining automation and the controversial field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help B2B companies grow - without high investments in time and resources. 

Thanks to my international experience (Sweden, South Korea, Slovenia), I bring a diverse perspective to my work. 

My passion for Hike & Fly and my professional work share significant similarities, mainly in terms of the required mindset. In both paragliding and the corporate world, adaptability, continuous learning and relearning, careful planning, effective decision-making and deep passion are essential. I see these parallels as an apt metaphor for the entrepreneurial journey.

I started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16 and since then I have advised a large number of medium-sized and international B2B companies. My projects have ranged from CRM integrations to holistic e-commerce solutions along the entire buyer journey. The focus of my work is always on prioritising the key strategies for automating sales and marketing activities in order to achieve the greatest possible output.

Connect with me on LinkedIn and leave me a message - either with "Magenbrot" to share my love for this dessert, or with "MacGyver" if you're a fan of creative solutions. That way I'll know you're from here.